AZRockwear - JEWELRY!

AZRockwear - JEWELRY!

We have created a lot of great jewelry and 'rockwear'  We have used our rock in leather, jewelry, key fobs, belt buckler, rings and lots more!  

Also, check out OUR NEW LINE OF NECKLACES FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN! Incredible natural rock pendants we have created from our beautiful natural rock! We start with rough rocks, cut and shape amd drill them to make these incredible polished stone pendants!

They are each one of a kind pieces! You will receive the one you choose – we have put each on a cord that we feel fits it the best – some are on braided leather cords with slip knots so you can adjust the length, others are on 18″ leather cords with magnetic clasps – if you are looking for anything different let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you! Wear them with pride and enjoy them! They are pieces of art! Thank you so much! We appreciate you looking!!

Check out all the rest of our rockwear and jewelry too!

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