New Products : Bruneau Jasper & Dryhead Agate

We have added a few new product categories for Bruneau Jasper and Dryhead Agate, check out these great finds:

Bruneau Jasper has brown tones and circular formations which was originally from the region near the Bruneau River in western Idaho (about 30 miles south of the tiny town of Bruneau). Be sure to browse our store to see all of the have old stock Bruneau Jasper Cabs we have for sale.

Dryhead Agate is found in southern Montana between the Big Horn and Pryor Mountain ranges and just to the west of the Big Horn River. Dryhead Agate nodules offer the beautiful red and orange colors, with gold, white, yellow and pink. Click here to browse our Dryhead Agate Cabochons »

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2 Responses to “New Products : Bruneau Jasper & Dryhead Agate”

  1. Unique Cameo Necklaces Says:

    Those are absolutely beautiful specimens of Bruneau Jasper. They would make incredible looking jewelry. Never heard of Bruneau Jasper and in Nevada ! Wow great find than you.

  2. Bruneau jasper | Questionhypothesis Says:

    […] New Products : Bruneau Jasper & Dryhead Agate | AZBlueRockers.comThese were the stones we were trying to find. It is called Bruneau Jasper. The specimens pictured are actually rare because of the black coloring. … ; previous / next; return to index; My father in July 2002; […]

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